Questions to Ask a Painter

Stairs - Oil painting finishingThere are several important questions to ask a painter before you can trust them.

Investing in your home by adding new interior or exterior paint isn’t just a monetary investment. It’s an investment of your time, resources and future in a project that should improve the well-being of your house. But when you look for a painting company to do that work, you could also be investing in a black hole of disorganized service and unsafe practices. These can leave you with an enormous bill, damaged property and a poor paint job. No one wants to invest in that so it’s important to know what questions to ask a painter.

Getting the best paint job for your investment means that you have to be diligent about searching for certain characteristics in every painting company you research. Eco House Painters suggests that any potential homeowner who plans on hiring a painting business should make sure that each of these questions and points is answered fully and satisfactorily by the company before they start working.

Questions to ask a painter:

  • When will workers be at my house? Dates? Times?
  • How many workers will come each day?
  • When will the work be finished?
  • What kind of materials and paint will be used?
  • Does the work come with a warranty?

Qualities you should look for in your painting company:

Are they clean? Your home is still your home; even when there is work being done. The painting company you choose should remove their materials daily, especially tools and equipment that could lead to accidents. They should also respect the integrity of your home by protecting your interior with sheets and drop cloths and exterior with removal of paint chips.

Are the Crews Properly Trained? —Crews and painting contractors should be prepared for projects of your size and type and be trained to use equipment properly. They should be able to show that they are compliant with all OSHA standards.

Is there In-House Access? —If your painting job involves work on your home’s interior, the painting contractor and all employees should be aware of and abide by limitations to accessing various rooms of your home. An added safety measure is that the painting company should provide background checks on all their employees, allowing only trustworthy employees inside your home.

Eco House Painting knows these are the important questions to ask a painter for a safe and effective painting experience and promises to meet and exceed each of these standards. Visit our website to learn more and schedule a free estimate today!

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