Garage Floor Epox Painting

garage-floor-epoxy-paintApplying epoxy to a garage floor will add beauty and durability to your garage floor. Eco House Painting offers many epoxy floor coatings along with the unmatched durability that urethane coatings provide. We will consider both your needs and your budget in mind when suggesting a floor system for you.  All of our epoxy floors come with a full warranty. There is not another company that can warranty your epoxy floor because they simply don’t go through the process that we do! Call Eco House Painting to have your epoxy floor installed today. OR schedule your own free estimate online.

Benefits of Refinishing Your Garage Floor

  • Clean Polished Look
  • Strong Adhesion & Durability
  • Slip Resistant Properties
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Stain Resistant and Easy To Keep Clean
  • Reflects Hazardous Chemicals from Damaging Concrete
  • Increase Value of Home

Classic Paint Flake Epoxy

garage1Epoxy Floor Paint Chips

There is no doubt that everybody knows what this picture represents. It’s the classic epoxy floor coating that you would find at any local store. What you may not realize is that there are so many other options. There are paint chips in different colors and different sizes. The epoxy base can be any color you would like and then paint flecked with any color paint chips. If you want a pink floor with green, blue, black and yellow paint flakes, we can do that!

Clear and Solid Color Garage Floor

High gloss concrete floor

Both high gloss and lower gloss sheen can be achieved. Solid colors provide a very modern and more durable floor coating. These too can be tinted to any color you would like. You might be thinking that a high gloss garage floor would show every crack, divot, and low spot. We Can Fix That! High build floor coatings and self leveling garage floor coatings will leave that mirrored glass like finish that turns an ugly cement floor into a beautiful and easily cleanable surface.

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