Cabinet Refinishing


If you’re tired of your worn looking kitchen storage, cabinet refinishing offers a beautiful and affordable alternative to a new installation. Even re-facing can be costly! We have the ability to reinvent what you have now – with high-end designer results. Call us about staining, lacquering or painting kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet refinishing is the perfect way to improve your home without a huge investment. It can save you tens of thousands of dollars – even hundreds of thousands – by taking your existing wood and giving it a new look. You are no longer stuck with old and drab storage. We help you enhance its natural beauty, or color it any shade that expresses your style.

Our cabinet refinishing process is cost-effective, takes just a few days and will not waste perfectly good wood!

Three Ways to Update

We strip old layers off completely to the bare wood so you can see exactly what you’ve got underneath. Then we refinish it in several unique ways. Revamping your room’s look has never been easier or given you more choices.

Wood staining and lacquer – When you’ve got solid wood with a beautiful grain, a rich stain and protective coating can bring out its natural beauty. Cabinet refinishing stains are carefully applied and quickly wiped off until the desired tone is acquired. We can make your original wood darker or lighter – our technique makes this time-honored process hassle-free. We can use a lacquer coating to achieve the perfect look. You will get a finished product with a natural depth and long-wearing protection.

Paint – Painting kitchen cabinets is a fast, cost-effective and simple way to give your kitchen the look you are after. The palette is almost endless, from neutral to bright to whimsical. We give it three coats of exterior-grade enamel, so it will stand up to everyday cooking heat and moisture.

Lacquer – If you love a highly saturated color with a flawless finish, then let us talk to you about this process. Lacquer is thicker than enamel paint and dries much more quickly. Black and white can be especially striking.  We also offer you choices in sheen.

Proper Preparation

Cabinet refinishing is a tedious, multi-step process that can’t be rushed. And the process we use depends on the age and type of wood. The cabinetry doors are removed and laid flat, with all hardware removed. All old layers and grime are sanded or chemically dissolved down to the bare wood. Then new layers are added, and sanded and wiped in between.

We pride ourselves on being meticulous when it comes to preparing your cabinetry because it is the only way to ensure the long-lasting results we are known for.

Many DIY websites imply that cabinet refinishing is a weekend amateur project. Not if you want professional results. We use equipment and techniques that are very difficult for the average homeowner to replicate without years of practice. Stains are next to impossible to remove once applied; lacquer can bubble. And with paint, if you make a mistake, you have to start all over.

No matter how we refinish your cabinetry, our experts will use precise methods that have been perfected over decades.

Eco House Painting is family-owned and operated, licensed and fully insured. All of our cabinet refinishing work comes with a guarantee and free color consultation whether we’re painting kitchen cabinets, rooms or exteriors. If you are at all unsure of what looks best, we can advise you so you can proceed with confidence.

We offer quality cabinet refinishing in Fairfield County and surrounding areas.

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