Interior Custom Painting

Interior PaintingInterior painting can change the personality of your home to express your own. When you decide to retouch or refresh the vibe, you can depend on us for the right colors, appropriate finishes and flawless techniques.

It can be the way the morning sun floods through the windows or the glow of your nighttime lighting – the right home interior painting should capture the best qualities of your house day or night. Your colors and finishes should harmonize with the interior architecture and become a seamless part of the décor. It should soothe where you’re aiming for tranquility and pop where you want to direct the eye. As an investment home interior painting is one of the most affordable ways to update your space, and high quality work will truly result in an investment. When you work with us no detail will be left unfinished. Whether your scope of work includes painting a room or an entire house with a complex array of colors, we are the experts you can trust.

Quality House Painting

When you choose us for any kind of painting work, you can be sure each surface will be properly prepared and finished. It will be smooth and streak free. Edges will be professionally cut-in for clean lines without gaps. And you will never find flecks of paint on your floors or windows.

Color Consultations

Interior Painting

Each home interior painting project we do becomes intensely personal, because even subtle differences in finishes can make dramatic impacts on a wall. So we begin with custom color consulting on the best tones and finishes for each surface: walls, ceilings, baseboards, crown molding and wainscoting.

When you are satisfied with your choices, you will be provided with a contract. This is your guarantee that you will get the work as agreed, and is your safeguard against error.

The Process

We will arrive on time with all needed materials ensuring you understand how long the home interior painting process will take. Every job is carefully supervised to make certain the development is smooth and done with excellence.

Surface preparation

Surface PreparationWe will prepare the area properly by sanding irregular surfaces, removing wallpaper, filling in gouges, and priming the surface for a complete color change. We can also remove old popcorn ceilings and refinish them in a color that anchors the wall colors.

High Quality Home Interior Painting

We will bring plenty of durable drop cloths and tape to fully protect your furnishings. Our team carries the right brushes and rollers to achieve maximum coverage and precision in the tightest of corners. We will ensure the area is protected and well ventilated.

Eco-Friendly Choices

We pride ourselves on carrying the best selection of colors that are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and in compliance with Connecticut Regional Air Quality Management District standards. With today’s advanced formulas, you can get durability and environmental safety! After painting a room or a house, we dispose of all materials in accordance with state laws. Our buckets and natural-fiber drop cloths are re-used whenever possible. Our company routinely donates leftover paint to charity projects to help create a greener community.

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