cedarUnseen roof deterioration can hurt you, as well as prematurely cost a new roof. Carelessly power washing roof shingles with high pressure can do more harm than good. Save money with Eco House Painting. Extend your roof life dramatically.

Today’s ‘farmed’ cedar isn’t as dense as past ‘old-growth’ cedar, losing natural resistance to moisture faster and needing protection sooner. Cedar shingles can start to dry, curl and crack after only 6 months – 1 year. An untreated cedar roof may need complete replacement after 10 – 15 years.

Quality long lasting cedar treatment products is a higher percentage of solids so more goes into the shingle and less evaporates in air.

The silver patina giving cedar its weathered look (and which some people like) is actually sun damage and the beginning of fungal growth.


  • Treating your roof every 5 – 7 years can extend roof life by 35 – 50 years. Eco House doesn’t seal the wood, but rather it is absorbed into the center wood fissures.
  • If your roof color has faded noticeably, test it by putting water on it to see if the shingles absorb it. If so, it is time to clean and treat the roof.
  • Keeping a cedar roof and gutters free of leaf, mulch and pine needle build-up helps prevent damage.
  • Periodic visual roof inspection for seasonal damage, fungal / moss growth, and shingle splitting catches problems before they become major.
  • Keep the valleys clean of leaves and debris. This applies to any roofing system but is especially important in cedar roofs. When debris accumulates in the valley it retains the moisture and eventually will allow the cedar to decay and rot.
  • Keep the gutters and downspouts clean and free of debris to prevent backups and prevent ice damming.
  • Trim back the branches of nearby trees to prevent them from scrapping and brushing against the roof.
  • In heavily shaded areas insure that the moss and fungus is not allowed to accumulate on the cedar. This moss build up allows the cedar to retain moisture and leads to decay.

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