Wall Covering

WallpaperAdd subtle style or jaw-dropping drama with a wall covering that is expertly applied. Wallpaper, fine fabrics, natural grasses and acoustical coverings can make a space more livable, more functional and more enjoyable.

When someone comes into your home or business, the walls are the first thing they notice. A fine wall covering makes a critical difference in the impression you make. There are so many materials and patterns to choose from these days and both exteriors and backings have changed tremendously over the years. One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to excellence in installation and eye for perfection.

Designer Wall Covering Options

There’s a wide array of choices that are high-tech as well as hand-made. Some are enjoying resurgence while others have never been out of vogue. Here’s just a sample of what we can do:

Wallpaper - Grass clothGrass cloth – Created from a variety of plant fibers from sea grass to hemp and jute to bamboo, it creates a sophisticated vibe. Choose from a rainbow of single colors, variegated weaves or a three-dimensional patterned effect. Fabrics – Raw silk, linen and cotton add hand-hewn elegance to your fine living areas. These are trimmed to order and have natural textural variations that are considered beauty marks instead of flaws.

Wallper - FoilFoils – Vinyl coverings add pizzazz to bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and dining areas; but they have come a long way since the Seventies. Sophisticated new patterns and colors, as well as durable new materials, give them a thoroughly modern twist.

Family Friendly Wall Covering

Whiteboard surfaces add a dash of practicality to offices and family living areas. Never feel guilty about writing on the walls again – these are meant for it! Or choose a vinyl coated wallpaper installation that holds up to the moisture and grease of a kitchen or the steam of a bathroom. They wipe clean effortlessly. Murals add a playful touch to kids’ rooms that can easily be removed when outgrown.

Acoustical Wall Covering

When sound abatement is important, high-tech fabric surfaces are the answer. They are available in a vast range of colors and textures to call attention or blend right in. At the office – they baffle noises from other rooms or manufacturing quarters. They stand up to high-traffic areas and are made from VOC-free, fire-resistant fabrics for your workers’ health and safety.

At home – panels counteract the echo chamber effects of high ceilings and hard floors. They keep kitchen clatter from spoiling an elegant gathering, maintain the ambiance of a home theater, and keep household racket from disturbing a home office.

Molded Wall Covering

wallpaper-install-5These paintable, textured strips add interest to plain walls. Far from the flimsy paper of long ago, they are sturdy, standing up to bumps and dings while adding a measure of refinement. We can affix and paint them to match your room color or add a contrasting tone. It’s a beautiful, affordable alternative to textured plaster, tin-tray accents, and wooden chair rails.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

No matter what type of wall covering you’re aiming for, we will make the process easy and enjoyable with minimal disruption and guaranteed results. We’ll steer you in the right direction, with the right wallpaper installation for the demands of the room. We’ll remove every trace of old wallpaper glue, holes and gouges to create the most even surface possible. We take the time to prime the walls properly and apply your covering seamlessly.

We can create a fine quality wall covering for your home.

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