Go Green

Go “Green” For Your Home

Eco House Painters urges homeowners to consider using latex paint for their homes.

How are you trying to become more “green”? Do you select low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints? Or, do you purposefully select paint options that are better for the environment? There are things you can do in order to make your painting project “green” and our teams of house painters are here to assist you in making your home more “green”. Our solutions are simple and affordable.

As one of the Eco-Certified painting companies in the nation, Eco House Painting strives to use eco-friendly products and practice ecological painting methods on our customers’ properties. Our exterior and interior painters understand just how important it is for homeowners yearning to use environmentally products, which is why we always make it our priority to keep our standards high, for green painting to accommodate our customer’s requests.

Eco House Painters recommends for homeowners to go green by selecting an environmentally friendly paint-such as latex paint. Our house painter experts suggest using latex paint on both the interior and exterior of your home because it’s better for the environment than any other paint type since it’s mainly composed of water, rather than oil based paint that can pollute the environment.

For additional benefits to selecting a latex paint, please read these house painter tips:

  • Our house painter specialists have found that the paint itself is incredibly easy to apply to interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Latex paint can dry within a matter of a few hours.
  • Latex paint is highly breathable which reduces the chance of fading, blistering, and peeling.
  • Latex paint is non-flammable, which makes it ideal for exterior painting.

With the help of Eco House Painters homeowners can go the extra step to making their homes eco-friendlier by selecting latex paint, disposing of paint properly, and opting for low-carbon operations. You’ll feel great knowing that your home looks fantastic while you are continuing to save the environment one paint can at a time.

Eco House Painting Company is committed to business practices that help protect our environment and we adhere to the following guidelines:

We offer our clients low or no VOC high quality paints, giving you a healthier home in which to live.

We dispose of all waste materials appropriately, including left over paint which we re-cycle. Larger quantities of left over paint are donated to charity.

We re-use and re-cycle our prep materials.

We use paper products and washable fabric drop cloths rather than rolls of plastic whenever possible.

Our crew members often car pool and travel together to our projects.

We reduce our impact on landfills by re-using our plastic buckets & similar items over and over again.

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